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Planetary Planter

    Planetary Planter is a single-player, open-world, third-person farming game where, instead of farming normal vegetables, you grow celestial bodies while exploring an alien world. You explore the alien world using exploration tools to find seeds and modifiers scattered throughout the environments. After planting and growing planets and stars you can harvest them. Once the planets and stars are harvested, the player can arrange them into solar systems, and arrange those solar systems into constellations. Players completing these constellations results in them receiving new exploration tools to help them explore as well as getting more of the story unlocked to read.

   This was my final capstone game which I joined midway through development after Unga Bunga. It’s out on Steam now! I worked as the graphics and animation programmer on the project, helping to architect a unique scriptable rendering pipeline for Unity to support our game, and building multiple parts of the environment including the skybox to help take the load off of environment artists. By far my biggest undertaking on the project was figuring out an efficient way to use vertex displacement to emulate a round world in order to transition from the fully modelled round world with custom physics that existed when I joined the team.

Henry Chronowski